Elettra Storm - Powerlords


Format: CD
Label: Scarlet Records
Rel. Date: 02/16/2024
UPC: 8025044044409

Artist: Elettra Storm
Format: CD


1. Higher Than the Stars
2. Redemption
3. Origin of Dreams
4. Powerlords
5. Alone
6. Heirs of the Descent
7. Sacrifice of Angels
8. Spirit of the Moon
9. Voices in the Wind

More Info:

Elettra Storm - Powerlords / Elettra Storm is the brand new power metal sensation: featuring the talented and gorgeous Crystal Emiliani on vocals and supported by top-notch musicians, the band's debut album is a glorious 100% power metal ride at it's finest, blending the magic of early 00's genre superheroes like Stratovarius and Rhapsody of Fire with the modern female-fronted approach of Unleash the Archers and Frozen Crown. Be ready to be enchanted by tales of mighty archangels, moon goddesses and underground civilizations; an escapism from the daily-life fatigue, but also a reflection on humanity virtues and faults. 'Powerlords' is the ultimate record for both young and grey-bearded metalheads, in whom the power of the dragonflame still burns bright!.