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Format: CD
Label: BHEN
Rel. Date: 02/12/2021
UPC: 803057054220

One Eye Open
Artist: Kat Danser
Format: CD


1. Bring It with You When You Come
2. End of Days
3. Frenchman Street Shake
4. Get Right Church
5. Lonely and the Dragon
6. Mi Corazon
7. One Eye Closed
8. Please Don't Cry
9. Trainwreck
10. Way I Like It Done

More Info:

Black Hen Music proudly presents... a brand new release from Blues artist Kat Danser. One Eye Open continues Danser's ongoing collaboration with veteran guitarist and producer Steve Dawson, and features an ensemble of North America's finest roots musicians. The core band, comprised of Dawson (guitars), Gary Craig (drums) and Jeremy Holmes (bass) were not able to record in the same room together, live off of the floor as is their preference, but - as a concession to the times we are living through - had to assemble the album remotely. Yet, even with Kat recording her vocals in Edmonton, and other musicians located around the continent while Dawson directed traffic from his studio in Nashville, the results are as organic, intuitive and in the moment as anything these veterans have ever recorded