Format: Cassette
Rel. Date: 09/16/2022
UPC: 803341571105

Uroboric Forms: The Complete Demo Recordings (Uk)
Artist: Cynic
Format: Cassette


1. Uroboric Forms
2. The Eagle Nature
3. Pleading for Preservation
4. Lifeless Irony
5. Thinking Being
6. Cruel Gentility
7. Denaturalizing Leaders
8. Extremes
9. A Life Astray
10. Agitating Affliction
11. Once Misguided
12. Weak Reasoning
13. Dwellers of the Threshold
14. Uroboric Forms
15. The Eagle Nature

More Info:

Cynic wasn't a band that would fit in a model, and it's clear on Uroboric Forms: The Complete Demo Recordings - they weren't kidding! The technical insight is clear, and in the middle of their brutal insight, the revolutionary idea was also clear, of course, you'll notice some differences from Demo to Demo, not only due the evolution of their musical ideas, but also due some changes on band's line-up. Now available as a Music Cassette! For fans of Atheist, Opeth, Death.