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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/01/2021
UPC: 8051128621631

Holy War 1095
Artist: Mysterizer
Format: CD


1. Burn Witch Burn
2. King Of Kings
3. Last Stand Hill
4. Virus C
5. Sin After Sin
6. The Fountain Of Immortals
7. Alea Iacta Est
8. Heroes
9. Dangerous Game
10. The Holy War 1095

More Info:

Mysterizer plays heavy music that combines Heavy/Power Metal and with the band's own personal touch. This is the band that does not hold back, but blasts loud and proud!From cover band to full-on heavy metal originals, that's the story of Finland's Mysterizer who made their debut with their 2018 EP "Tales From The Mystery Days", followed right after by their 2019 full-length "Invisible Enemy".