Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/09/2023
UPC: 8051128622218

Olympian Dystopia
Artist: Walk With Titans
Format: CD


1. Herakles
2. Edge of Time
3. Gods of the Pantheon
4. As Titans Fall
5. Lost Ways
6. Final Dawn
7. Gift of Fire
8. Lost Paradise
9. Seven Against Thebes
10. Eurydice

More Info:

Rockshots Records is proud to announce their signing of Walk With Titans for the release of their debut album "Olympian Dystopia" on May 26th in Europe and June 9th in North America. Based in Montreal, Canada, the band's goal is to bring all the epic elements you'd expect from a power metal band with a twist of Greek Mythology. On "Olympian Dystopia" the quintet showcases their writing and technical skills. Efficient, epic, well executed, heavy, and mythical, this is what power metal fans will discover during 50 minutes of "Olympian Dystopia": a straightforward power metal album without compromising the epic side. Listeners will realize that and enjoy it. The band brings some ancient Greek Myths to the forefront like Eurydice and Herakles, while others are more subtle like 'Edge of Time', which is Khronos representing time eating us all.