Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/08/2021
UPC: 805395251521

Church & Liquor Sto
Artist: II Tone
Format: CD


1. Brand New
2. U May Not Like Me
3. Outta Space
4. She Told Me
5. It's a Party Ft. Mr. 4Twenty
6. Church and Liquor Sto Ft. Mr. 4Twenty
7. Live Yo Life
8. Takin' Trips
9. Keep It Real
10. Back Seat Ft. Mr. 4Twenty
11. Mask on Ft. Mr. 4Twenty
12. U a Hoe

More Info:

As the co-founder of Black Rain Entertainment, II Tone has been prolific in Memphis since for years. Records like In Too Deep (2010) and Heaven Sent Hell Bound (2011), and two shockingly aggressive releases in 2017, offer rare and penetrating glimpses into the hustle of being a Memphis O.G. Along with producer Jak Danielz, II Tone is now releasing his low-key manifesto, known simply as, Church & Liquor Sto, which documents the lifestyle and flow of one Memphis rap's pioneers. With twelve distinctive tracks, II Tone has combined the nostalgia of old-school gangsta rap with triumphant productions that blast through the bullshit like Iceberg Slim wearing a ski-mask.