Format: CD
Rel. Date: 11/04/2022
UPC: 8054726140115

Musica Sacra Nelle Cattedrali Di Puglia (W/Dvd)
Artist: J Bach .S. / Cafaro / Ciccolini
Format: CD

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The so-called Neapolitan School was one of the most prolific seasons in the entire history of European music. It's artistic legacy constitutes a very enduring legacy of style and "science of music" on which many of the subsequent artistic experiments in Western music have drawn. From Naples, a full-scale musical conquest of Europe and it's colonies set off: a relentless journey of men and works, most of which have not yet been restored to systematic knowledge. However, the Neapolitan School was largely made up of authors from the peripheries of the kingdom, Apulia in the lead, following a well-known process of attracting artists to the center of power, which is also usually the center of art production.