Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/06/2023
UPC: 8054726141303

Anima Del Tempo
Artist: Giovanni / Ferrante
Format: CD

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The leitmotif of this release is time, especially the inner time of emotions and feelings, which only art can express: the time of a story reverberating in the lights of a metropolis, the time of a cigarette extinguished on the asphalt, but also the time of dreams and love... In short, the time of a life lived, recounted in it's most intimate and changing meanings, the time of Dasein. The result is a multiform necklace of small pearls, marked by a musical eclecticism that gives it unquestionable added value. Alfredo de Giovanni, from Apulia, is a geologist, musician and successful writer He has numerous songs, short stories and novels to his credit that tell of his Apulia, the myths and history of southern Italy. With his first book 'Otto. L'abisso di Castel del Monte', which has been republished several times and translated into English, he won the Fortuna Literary Prize in 2019, while his latest novel 'Carafa. Il sigillo del Cristo Velato' won the Terre di Puglia Prize and the Fortuna Prize in 2021. A composer and multi-instrumentalist, he is the author and performer of song-theatre shows including 'Ho sete ancora', a show based on the first book of short stories about Pino Daniele's songs published by Iocistó in Naples. Floriana Ferrante, from Apulia, is a singer, actress and architect For over 15 years, she has been a soprano with Maestro Mario Petrosillo's group Jubilee Gospel Singers. She studied with singer and singing teacher Luciana Negroponte, delving into various musical genres including jazz singing. A versatile and technically gifted performer, she has to her credit productions with the Orchestra of Magna Graecia and the Metropolitan City of Bari as a chorister and performs, as usual, theatre- song performances ranging from Italian singer-songwriter songs, to swing, to the Latin-American tradition.