Extreme Noise Terror - Holocaust In Your Head: The Original Holocaust


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/28/2024
UPC: 8055515235739

Holocaust In Your Head: The Original Holocaust
Artist: Extreme Noise Terror
Format: Vinyl


1. Deceived
2. We the Helpless
3. Murder
4. Raping the Earth
5. Use Your Mind
6. Take the Strain
7. Conned Through Life
8. Show Us You Care
9. Life in a Dream
10. Innocence to Ignorance
11. If You Re Only in It for the Music (S.O.D. Off)
12. Statement
13. Bullshit Propaganda
14. Carry on Screaming
15. Tear It Down
16. What a State

More Info:

The unissued original recording for their debut album Holocaust In Your Head. How many bands can say they had multiple debut albums? For crustcore sound terrorists Extreme Noise Terror, Holocaust In Your Head: The Original Holocaust, first recording version, continues to excuse itself in being reissued for what must be the last time before the last time. It's no wonder why. "We The Helpless" is every bit as hopeless as it sounds - a blitzkrieg of wails and nightmarish sonics that tighten themselves around the temples until the eyes turn white. "Statement" will always stand on it's own two feet as a perfect set opener and Innocence to Ignorance's unhinged atmospheric armageddon as well as "Use Your Mind"'s sample-sprung assault on the senses are possible indications of where the band could've wound up had their line-up not been walking such a shaky tightrope. Rough as hell? Sure. But if you want to know what it feels like to have the signal input of your skull reflect a separation in the grounding circuit of the flesh from the neck down, then carry on screaming.