Format: CD
Rel. Date: 12/06/2021
UPC: 805558283321

Day Of Rest
Artist: David Friesen
Format: CD

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... melodies are tossed around, now feather-light and wispy as cirrus clouds; or melodies that turn dense with sonic narratives, like foreboding cumulonimbus clouds. - Raul da Gama. Those acquainted with legendary bassist David Friesen's music can easily re-submerge themselves into his creative universe when experiencing a new performance. Ocean-deep in his sensitivity to the human spirit, Friesen is compassionate and his music founded on integrity and the pursuit of excellence. Though he's recorded numerous times on piano as an added voice to his compositions and bass playing, "Day of Rest" is the first where he's moved the piano to the front as his sole method of expression. The program of 20 short vignettes, composed and improvised, offers another deep dive into Friesen's unique world, and in this case, some moments of peaceful reassurance, a day of rest.