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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/07/2020
UPC: 805772061620

From The Budokan Tokyo Fm 1982 (Uk)
Artist: Japan
Format: CD


1. Burning Bridges
2. Sons Of Pioneers
3. Alien
4. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
5. Swing
6. Cantonese Boy
7. Visions Of China
8. Nightporter
9. Ghosts 1
10. Still Life In Mobile Homes 1
11. Methods Of Dance 1
12. Quiet Life 1
13. European Son 1
14. The Art Of Parties 1
15. Bamboo Music 1
16. Taking Islands In Africa 1
17. Life In Tokyo 1
18. Canton 1
19. Good Night

More Info:

Two CDs. Japan was an English new wave band formed in London in 1974 by David Sylvian (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Steve Jansen (drums), Richard Barbieri (keyboards) and Mick Karn (bass guitar). They started out as a glam rock-inspired band but developed their sound to incorporate electronic music and art rock influences, eventually becoming an influence on the 1980s New Romantic scene in the UK, although the band themselves were not a part of it. This set was recorded at The Budokan, Tokyo in December 1982 and was their fifth from last show on that tour. The band had become friends with Yellow Magic Orchestra who joined them on some of the performances here - "Bamboo Music" is a duet featuring Akiko Yano, and "Taking Islands In Africa" features Yukihiro Takahashi. Ryuichi Sakamoto also plays on those tracks.