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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/04/2021
UPC: 805772641624

Great American Radio Vol 6 (Uk)
Artist: Johnny Winter & Friends
Format: CD


1. The Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock 'N' Roll
2. Deep Down in Florida
3. Hideaway
4. You've Got to Love Her with a Feeling
5. Sweet Home Chicago
6. Rocket 88
7. Help Me
8. How Long
9. Instrumental
10. Mama Talk to Your Daughter
11. Mannish Boy
12. WBCN DJ Interview with Pinetop Perkins
13. You Don't Have to Go
14. Got My Mojo Working
15. WBCN DJ Interview with Waters, Cotton, Winter

More Info:

This great value double CD is an in-concert recording made by Johnny Winter for the Boston radio station WBCN, and recorded at the Boston Music Hall, in Boston, Massachusetts, on 26th February 1977. By 1975, Winter had grown tired of working in the rock and roll mainstream and returned to his first musical love - The Blues. Teaming up with Muddy Waters he released the album Hard Again in January 1977 with this concert following shortly after. It is a wonderful, vivid, febrile encapsulation of a Bluesman enjoying his renewed career. With harmonica hero James Cotton on board, along with the bedrock of Waters' regular touring band, you get value-addedness to gems such as the Little Walter classic, "Help Me", which swings like a demon. There's a brisk romp through Freddie King's "Hideaway", before Winter takes the microphone on "Blues With A Feeling", burnishing the sound with his inimitable lead guitar sizzle. "Mannish Boy" is a gutsy delight with Waters' laconic vocal topping off the hearty Bluesy crunch in magisterial style. Closing with a delightful "I Got My Mojo Working", this performance offers yet more proof that, even in his latter years, Muddy Waters was not content to freewheel through his stage performances.