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Format: Vinyl
Label: IMT
Rel. Date: 05/07/2021
UPC: 805772700710

Sugar Fields
Artist: Vintskevich Project & Folk Choir Rostan
Format: Vinyl


1. Introduction
2. Follow the Sun
3. Bunny
4. Timonya
5. Sugar Fields
6. Mom's Melody
7. Song of the Black Earth
8. Barge Hauler Song
9. Post Scriptum

More Info:

This exciting collaboration between Vintskevich Project and Folk Choir Rostan fuses traditional Russian folk melodies with modern jazz interventions. Vintskevich Project features father and son, Leonid Vintskevich on piano and Nick Vintskevich on soprano and alto saxophones, along with Boris Andrianov on cello, Joel Taylor (drums), Bill Summers (percussion), Kip Reed (bass guitar), Mike Miller (guitar) and Eugene Sharikov (synthesizer).Folk Choir Rostan are Valentina Savenko (Art Director, Vocal), Svetlana Egorova (Lead Vocal), Vladimir Schegolev (Horn), Ekaterina Ibragimova (Kugikly, Vocal), Ivan Potapenko (Violin, Balalaika, Vocal, Kalyuka), Ekaterina Arbuzova (Kugikly, Vocal) and Dmitry Artemenko (Vocal).