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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/24/2020
UPC: 809236117540

Artist: Giant Sand
Format: CD


1. Warm Storm
2. Romance of Falling
3. Wonder
4. Welcome to My World
5. Anti-Shadow
6. Neon Filler
7. Jazzer Snipe
8. Z.Z. Quicker Foot
9. Seldom Matters 1
10. Resolver 1
11. Nowhere 1
12. Always Horses Coming 1
13. Patsy's Blues... // Live at Mad Dog Studios - 30th January 1991 1
14. Back to the Black and Grey 1
15. Trickle Down System 1
16. Bible Black, Book II 1
17. Still Too Far 1
18. Romance of Falling 1
19. Can't Find Love 2
20. Shadow to You

More Info:

Remastered edition of Giant Sand's 1991 album 'Ramp' with extra tracks featuring the Mad Dog sessions from earlier that same year. 'Convertino's brush-work and Burns' upright bass provide the perfect foundation for Gelb's parched voice and chaotic guitar, and guests include Rainer, Victoria Williams and country veteran Pappy Allen. Featuring piano lounge music for an off-world colony interrupted by an onslaught of guitar when needed, it's light and dark and the better for it, a musical journey on a road less travelled. With Gelb's lyrical invention to the fore: 'His thoughts unfold in long, rolling sentences that don't always follow conventional rules of grammar or syntax.' The Quietus // The Tucson sound at it very best.