Format: CD
Rel. Date: 11/24/2023
UPC: 809236175120

Artist: Dave Evans
Format: CD


1. Only Blue
2. Elephantasia
3. Lady Portia
4. That's My Way
5. On the Run
6. St. Agnes Park
7. Beauty Queen
8. Ten Ton Tasha
9. Earth, Wind, Sun ; Rain
10. Take Me Easy

More Info:

A glorious folk opus from 1972, long lost and attaining a legendary reputation for it's candour and creativity, from the late Bangor-born singer/songwriter Dave Evans. For fans of Nick Drake, Bill Fay and Davy Graham - with a touch of Michael Chapman, Bert Jansch and Fahey for good measure. Dave Evans' story is like a Pinter play; he sailed the seas in the merchant navy, was taught guitar in a brief interlude by the "mythical" Morocco John, wound up sharing a room with Steve Tilston in 1963 when they attended Loughborough Art College and ran the local folk club, while learning to make stringed instruments, wine and ceramics. Over the next year, Dave got a domestic 2-track reel-to-reel tape recorder and experimented with it's two speeds to produce the tracks 'Elephantasia' and 'Lady Portia'. He pulled in members of local prog band Squidd, including later Hawkwind member Steve Swindells on keyboards, John Merritt on bass and Rodney Matthews on drums, who also designed the 'Elephantasia' album cover, and went on to become a renowned fantasy artist. 'Elephantasia' the album was originally released in 1972, fully exposing Dave's fingerpicking style, lilting vocal and his dalliance with the tape manipulation. It sold around 2000 copies and over the years became a talked about rarity, deemed too progressive for folk, too folk for the new prog heads. In best plot-thickening style, Dave tried two more releases and then disappeared. It's an eclectic but beautifully fluent narrative from a finger picking maestro with a warm and engaging vocal style that wowed Peel and Whispering Bob back in the day. Dave Evans sadly died in 2021. Earth Recordings is proud to reissue 'Elephantasia' for the first time in over 50 years, in collaboration with his estate and original Village Thing producer Ian A. Anderson.