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Format: DVD
Label: WWNW
Rel. Date: 02/09/2021
UPC: 810037851151

Fast And Furry
Artist: Jonathan Carley
Format: DVD

More Info:

When the notorious intergalactic lizard TNT unleashes his latest doomsday device known as the Mind Your Manners Serum, creatures all across the cosmos lose their sense of humor! Enter those high-flying heroes of outer space, Squeak and Commander Hamsanders, to save the day! With a supporting cast of colorful favorites like intrepid robots Scrap and Hub, funny pets Bella, Bagel and Alvin, hard-working Earthlings Verne and Lucy, along with their little boy Felix, prehistoric time-traveling dinosaur Big T, and Count Dracula himself, it's gonna be a space adventure to remember! When trouble's brewing among the stars, who's gonna come to the rescues? Alien Busters, of course!