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Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 10/09/2020
UPC: 810037851670

Welcome To The Day Of The Dead
Artist: Alejandro Lofig
Format: DVD

More Info:

Despite the town's ban on comedy, Diego dreams of becoming an accomplished comedian like his idol Luther The Caretaker - the funniest guy who ever lived... er, died! Diego wants to set up a comedy show to be held on the Day Of The Dead! But Diego's wise llama, Luther Van Dromedary warns bright-eyed Diego that the road to comedy stardom is a treacherous one, especially when grumpy Queen Of The Dead Erasma Bones simply hates it when the dead laugh! Desperate to prove his talent, Diego embarks on an extraordinary journey to convince his town and Erasma herself that a Day Of The Dead comedy show is exactly what everyone needs! While on his quest, Diego unlocks the real story behind his love for comedy and remembers that in the Land Of The Living both Diego and Luther were celebrated comedians! Welcome To The Day Of The Dead and get ready to laugh... Till you live!