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Format: DVD
Label: BRNY
Rel. Date: 05/21/2021
UPC: 810037852004

Kid Brainiac Season 1
Artist: Larry Turning
Format: DVD

More Info:

When young genius Felix Brainiac teams up with his time-traveling dinosaur pal Big T, the duo sets out on an amazing adventure, going where no kid and dino have gone before! They enlist the help of Grandpa Brainiac, the great genius who has taught Felix everything he knows. As Grandpa Brainiac scours space and time in his ultra modern spaceship, he teaches Felix and Big T all the facts and all the knowledge! Kid Brainiac Season 1 will take kids on a wonderful adventure discovering cool reptiles, far-away galaxies, our amazing solar system and even the tiny world that can only be seen with a microscope! Join Kid Brainiac and Big T for an unforgettable learning adventure!