Format: DVD
Label: Wownow
Rel. Date: 08/06/2021
UPC: 810037854510

Conch Bay 3: Sharks Are Sharks
Artist: Alessandro Bianchi
Format: DVD

More Info:

Follow the underwater adventures of Ray, the kid who is adopted by a dolphin in Conch Bay and raised among an amazing group of ocean-dwelling creatures including his pal Lulu, the adorable little dolphin and Greg, the mischievous shark! Ray grows into a popular hero in Conch Bay, where he gets into all kinds of adventures with his marine friends! Eventually Ray emerges from the ocean to join the danger-filled human world where a nefarious corporation forces Ray on a pursuit to unravel the secret of his origins. Dive into an amazing new adventure, with Conch Bay 3: Sharks Are Sharks!!