Format: DVD
Label: Wownow
Rel. Date: 12/02/2022
UPC: 810037858563

Monster Class: Dracula Vs Frankenstein
Artist: Monster Class: Dracula vs Frankenstein
Format: DVD

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Join Monster Class teacher extraordinaire Count Dracula as he goes batty for cryptozoology, the amazing science behind the study of monsters! What? Go on! In the world of cryptids - that's a fancy word for monsters - two mythical beasts stand head and shoulders above the rest... You've no doubt heard their names... Seen the evidence and wondered to yourself, could such fantastical beasts actually exist? What if they did? Leave it to professor Dracula to line up the facts and take you on the cryptozoology adventure of the century - Dracula Vs Frankenstein! We have a lot to discover about these two legends before the sun comes up so let's get haunting in Monster Class: Dracula Vs Frankenstein!