Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 02/08/2022
UPC: 810047239581

Grand Romantic Gesture / (Mod)
Artist: Grand Romantic Gesture
Format: DVD

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Ava, forced out of her job by cutbacks, is miserable. She loved her job running a large medical research center. But her husband and pregnant daughter encourage her to embrace this new phase of her life. Stop and smell the roses. Make new friends. Prepare to be a grandmother. Take a gourmet cooking class. She hates the cooking class, and when a plea is made for someone to switch to an amateur drama class she volunteers. How much worse can it be? But in a radical re-imagining of Shakespeare's play the instructor casts her as Juliet opposite another student, Simon, as Romeo. They're both too old and married to fall in love - or so they think. Until the two of them find themselves as smitten as the young lovers in the play. But is this true love, or is it only play-acting? What will happen when the curtain comes down on this delightful comedy about grown-ups in love?