Format: DVD
Label: Dreamscape
Rel. Date: 10/24/2023
UPC: 810071447150

The Girl Behind The Door
Artist: Girl Behind the Door
Format: DVD

More Info:

In a room behind a door, a young woman named Sylvie adventures through the depths of her own heart. She builds a world that can keep her safe from all of the what-ifs she fears most, never daring to venture beyond the threshold of her door. But soon, many visitors begin coming to her door-Love, Joy, Self Pity, and Apathy. Some of these visitors hope to embolden Sylvie to step beyond; others seek to keep her stuck indefinitely. And there is another visitor who Sylvie knows from her dreams, a kind man named Jesus who has many truths to teach Sylvie along the way. This deeply moving adventure through the fears that hold us back from becoming the person God wants us to be features artfully choreographed dance scenes, uplifting songs, soaring music, and a journey you won't soon forget.