Cock Sparrer - Here We Stand


Format: Vinyl
Label: Pirates Press Record
Rel. Date: 04/26/2024
UPC: 810096655721

Here We Stand
Artist: Cock Sparrer
Format: Vinyl

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'Here We Stand.' It is a phrase that means a lot to the legendary UK punk band Cock Sparrer. It was the title of the band's 2007 LP, which announced their arrival in the 21st century. It cropped up again as a rallying cry in the lyrics to their 2017 anthem 'One by One.' And now it is the title and chorus of a brand new single off the band's farewell studio LP, Hand on Heart.So what does 'Here We Stand' mean to Cock Sparrer, and why does the phrase mean so much to them? 'It's a bit strange that the phrase is used again 17 years after we first used it for an album, but it pretty much sums us up,' explains guitarist Daryl Smith.In the lyrics to the song, it is a message of unwavering support for their friends and loved ones through hard times. It is a statement of resilience, encouragement, and having someone you can count on. As is the case with many Cock Sparrer songs, these themes are expressed not through generalizations, but through the story of the life and struggles of a single character, who represents everyone the band considers kindred spirits.'We've always been the outsiders, the underdogs,' continues Daryl. 'We've always felt very protective of others in the same situation and it's basically us saying that 'we're here for you.'This rousing anthem is paired with 'We're Alright Now,' a B-side exclusive to this release, which champions the act of standing up for what you believe, no matter what is popular, while also being aware of changing times. 'This song has a 1970s bootboy stomp feel,' says Daryl. '[It] basically celebrates the fact that we grew up in the era we did... that you can't judge the past by today's standards. However, you also need to be mindful of change, not ignorant about it.'TRACK LIST:SIDE A1. Here We StandSIDE B2. We're Alright Now