Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 11/29/2022
UPC: 810103686595

Garden / (Mod)

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THE GARDEN' is an animated program aimed at kids ages 3-8. It follows the adventures of LENNY THE LION and LUCY THE LAMB; two best friends who live and work in a SPECIAL GARDEN where anything and everything can grow! They spend their days with 'The Boss' (God) who gives them tasks, assignments & adventures they must complete in order to learn lessons about life, friendship and, most importantly, the love of Jesus! Each episode starts with 'The Boss' (God) giving Lenny & Lucy an assignment to fulfill in The Garden. As they work through each scenario in a comedic way they learn how to deal with everyday life as it parallels with scripture and various Bible stories! Each story will offer SCRIPTURES, an awesomely engaging story and, most importantly, an ORIGINAL SONG that will enable kids to learn the Bible in a fun and easy way!