Format: DVD
Label: Indie Rights
Rel. Date: 12/13/2022
UPC: 810103686953

The Electric Man
Artist: Electric Man
Format: DVD

More Info:

When Trace McNeil experiences a 12,000-volt shock, his life becomes a psychedelic blur of reality and fantasy in this science fiction drama. This freak accident leaves Trace in search of his true self. Thrown into an uncontrollable circumstance, Trace chases love, speaks to dead relatives, finds himself pursued by zombies and searches for answers. He unexpectedly finds himself in a battle against good and evil where his very soul is at stake. Trace embarks on a journey that creates a science fiction, philosophical journey, with a dash of psychedelic funk, a horror adjacent sprinkling, a splash of vampirism, a dab of the undead, and romantic comedy at it's heart in this genre bending film. The movie stars Jed Rowen and features Tom Sizemore, Eric Roberts, Vernon Wells, and Elissa Dowling.