Heijden / Schutrumpf - David Garrett - Alive


Format: Blu-Ray
Label: C MAJOR
Rel. Date: 01/05/2024
UPC: 810116910298

David Garrett - Alive
Artist: Heijden / Schutrumpf
Format: Blu-Ray


1. Enter Sandman (Arr. F. Van Der Heijden) (Blu-ray, HD) [04:34]
2. Hit the Road Jack (Arr. J. Haywood) (Blu-ray, HD) [03:40]
3. Beauty and the Beast (Arr. J. Haywood) (Blu-ray, HD) [03:44]
4. Smooth Criminal (Arr. D. Garrett) (Blu-ray, HD) [03:51]
5. Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64, Act I: Dance of the Knights (Arr. F. Van Der Heijden) (Blu-ray, HD) [04:52]
6. Despicable Me 2: Happy (Blu-ray, HD) [05:55]
7. A Star Is Born: Shallow (Blu-ray, HD) [03:57]
8. Stayin' Alive (Arr. F. Van Der Heijden) (Blu-ray, HD) [03:58]
9. The 5th (After L. Van Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67) (Blu-ray, HD) [03:52]
10. Imagine (Arr. F. Van Der Heijden) (Blu-ray, HD) [04:47]
11. Requiem in D minor, K. 626: Sequence No. 5: Confutatis Maledictis (Arr. F. Van Der Heijden) (Blu-... [05:09]
12. Come Together (Arr. F. Van Der Heijden) (Blu-ray, HD) [03:38]
13. Paint It Black (Arr. F. Van Der Heijden) (Blu-ray, HD) [04:35]
14. Tarantella Napoletana (Arr. J. Haywood) (Blu-ray, HD) [04:53]
15. Live and Let Die (Blu-ray, HD) [04:07]
16. Purple Rain (Blu-ray, HD) [05:02]
17. Bella Ciao (Arr. J. Haywood and F. Van Der Heijden) (Blu-ray, HD) [04:48]
18. Pirates of the Caribbean: He's a Pirate (Blu-ray, HD) [03:51]
19. The 7th (After L. Van Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 in a Major, Op. 92) (Blu-ray, HD) [03:52]
20. Music (Blu-ray, HD) [05:16]
21. Thriller (Arr. F. Van Der Heijden) (Blu-ray, HD) [05:29]
22. Viva la Vida (Blu-ray, HD) [05:54]
23. What a Wonderful World (Blu-ray, HD) [02:54]
24. 2
25. David Garrett - the Private Life of a Star (Blu-ray, HD)

More Info:

For the first time, David Garrett performed with his band in the ancient baths of Caracalla, presenting his outstanding program ALIVE. David Garrett plays the greatest soundtracks from the world of movies and games, with numerous world hits such as Happy, Stayin' Alive, Let it Go, Shallow, Bella Ciao, or Thriller, among others. + BONUS David Garrett - The private life of a star Included is a bonus documentary of star violinist David Garrett. Starting as a so-called Wunderkind of classical music he is now one of the most successful violinists of his generation. His recipe for success is his crossover of rock, pop and classical music: 4.5 million albums sold, 25 gold and platinum awards and enthusiastic fans on tours worldwide. By looking into an otherwise hidden world, interviews of companions, friends and family, archive and private material of previously unreleased material from his childhood underpin the picture of the violin genius showing very private glimpses of his life.