Scam - Scam / (Mod)


Format: Blu-Ray
Rel. Date: 12/19/2023
UPC: 810134945197

Scam / (Mod)
Artist: Scam
Format: Blu-Ray

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Kim is a small-time scam artist whose talent lies in confidence scams and swindles. Mathew her new partner: a shy and naive wannabe criminal. Together they attempt to break into the seedy underbelly of Melbourne's crime scene. A mix of John Woo style action and a fast-paced comedy Scam is the kind of film not often made in Australia, a funny, subversive, violent, action-comedy about the lives of criminals and cops. Filmed in 2001 over 12 days with a production budget of AUD $5000. Scam was to be the next big micro-budget action movie, until a fire at the editor's house. The film was finally edited in 2020 during Covid lock down.