Format: Blu-Ray
Rel. Date: 11/28/2023
UPC: 810134945470

Rising Light / (Mod)
Artist: Rising Light
Format: Blu-Ray

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THE RISING LIGHT is an odyssey across fantastical realms and worlds, a superhero tale of alien drama, magic and sorcery. Cosmic superhuman Daniel (NATHAN WILSON, LOON LAKE) has been sent to Earth by his galactic creator Aya (KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT, DARK SHADOWS) in search of the mysterious and once-powerful sorcerer Nikolas Winter (LINDEN CHILES, THE TWILIGHT ZONE). Daniel must deliver to Nikolas a powerful weapon that can be used against inter-dimensional horrors who seek to invade the planet once more - but time is running out. Will Daniel find the sorcerer before his body expires? Long unavailable on home video, THE RISING LIGHT is an early sci-fi fantasy from the filmmakers behind LOON LAKE and TODD TARANTULA. This special edition presents the film in HD and with never before released bonus material.