Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 01/09/2024
UPC: 810134947900

Illuminati Matrix / (Mod)
Artist: Illuminati Matrix
Format: DVD

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Mankind has come a long way since he learned how to control fire. And yet now in the 21st century he has created more than fire, he has created chains to bind himself into a system whereby he passes on the control of his own life to others. Businesses, religions, royalty and governments have all sought to gain power by having control over our mental and physical states. They have utilized our own nature to achieve this. And these powers joined forces into a secret cabal we call the Illuminati. They have created a true Matrix of deceit and we are all being manipulated. From the market place to the school, to the near total reliance on devices have been created to entice and entrap us. We have closed our eyes and minds to the truth of the system we are now part of. And because of this we are seemingly unaware of the deceit in which we reside. In fact, we may even perpetuate it by repeating and mirroring the propaganda of those in power. An alarming percentage of everything we think and do is the result of illusion created by those in power. It is time to unlock these controls on our lives and find freedom.