Format: CD
Rel. Date: 12/01/2023
UPC: 810135713160

For The End Times - O.S.T.
Artist: Mercenary
Format: CD


1. Burning in Reverse
2. Heart of the Numb
3. Where Darkened Souls Belong
4. Through This Blackened Hatred
5. Anthem for the Anxious
6. A Darker Path
7. Become the Flame
8. From the Ashes of the Fallen
9. Black Heart, Dead Tissue
10. Black Blood Soil
11. Beyond the Waves

More Info:

With "Soundtrack To The End of Times", Denmark's MERCENARY will rekindle the flames of hard hitting metal hymns for all melodic metal fans! - With album number eight and ten years since their last release, MERCENARY return with a masterpiece for every melodic death & progressive metal fan. Formed in Aalborg, Denmark, MERCENARY capture the unique blend of Scandinavian melancholy, melody and aggression. 22 September, 2023 will see the band release their new offering, Soundtrack To The End of Times, via NoiseArt Records. - The four-piece, with René Pedersen on bass & vocals, Martin Buus on lead guitar, Jakob Molbjerg and Martin Nielsen on drums, was formed in 1991. MERCENARY unleashes eleven new tracks, with Soundtrack To The End of Times. Melodic, melancholic, mesmerizing with layered sound colors and blend of hypnotic & harsh vocals will rekindle the old flames. First, official album single the haunting 'Heart of the Numb', featuring TRIVIIUM vocalist Matt Heafy proves that death metal does not always need fast-paced riffage and thunderous blast beats - MERCENARY spices their dark mood with a heavy dose of doom and a significant black metal touch, to deliver a colossal record and new piece of pure art! Tracks such as 'Anthems of the Anxious' and the haunting 'Beyond the Waves', showcase the band's epic facets and extraordinary songwriting talents; always keeping you warm and welcome yet haunted and hopeless. - Soundtrack To The End of Times is a heavy ride through a disturbing yet beautiful sound landscape that only a Finnish band like MERCENARY can create. The album was recorded and mixed & mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios. Without question, Soundtrack To The End of Times will rekindle the name of MERCENARY as one of the masters of melodic modern metal. - Like frozen giants breaking out of their year-long slumber, the veterans of dark melodic metal MERCENARY are once again rising from the depth of Danish soil, awakening from their dormancy to rekindle the flames of hope amidst the cold harsh realities of modern existence with their hard hitting metal hymns and unique blend of Scandinavian melancholy, melody and aggression. Over the past two decades Mercenary has been a relentless titan of the Danish metal scene and their albums have been highly-acclaimed by fans and media alike. The characteristic mix of huge, epic melodies and aggression has brought them appearances on some of the biggest festival stages as well as headliner tours in Europe and Japan and support slots for bands such as MEGADETH, ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE, KING DIAMOND, SYMPHONY X and DARK TRANQUILITY. The unusual mixture of elements from many genres within metal is the band's biggest asset: an organic diversity of soaring leads, crushing vocals and hard hitting hymns bound together by tight songwriting and the ability to stand up to any sort of audience and make them lifetime followers. Mercenary's latest album »Through Our Darkest Days« combined their signature strengths with a fresh sound and the grand melancholy and soaring clean vocals of past albums, and now, in 2020, Mercenary is back for more with a darker, harder and more aggressive sound to fit the end times unfolding around us.