Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 10/03/2023
UPC: 810348036278

Ultimate Blades 2-Movie Collection (2pc) / (Sub)
Artist: Ultimate Blades 2-Movie Collection
Format: DVD

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THE SWORD: In an age when warring clans were still locked in bloody battles over territory, each of the countless deaths released a powerful dark energy, finally summoning the feared demon king Altha. As humankind's greed and suffering continued to fuel Altha, he raised a fearsome army of the murderous undead, forcing the opposing clans to either unite against the demon king or allow humans to perish from the world?forever. SWORD OF DESTINY: When a famed master swordsman is assassinated over his legendary Sword of Light, he leaves behind the unfinished Sword of Shadow, a weapon he was forging in secret to rein in the unchecked power of it's twin. Twenty years later, while completing a top-secret mission for the royal family, his son comes perilously close to unveiling the long-hidden truth behind his father's death, leaving him in grave danger of facing the same fate.