Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 11/03/2023
UPC: 810540036106

Cold Will [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Red/Black LP]
Artist: Mugshot
Format: Vinyl


1. Life’s Debt
2. Blush Covered Bruise
3. Cold Will (feat. Josh Mata of Skin Ticket)
4. Left In The Wake
5. Within Stained Glass

More Info:

Cold Will is crafted by the pains of life: Abuse, depression, manipulation, trauma, and other existential themes that present themselves as the rudder that directionally steers this record’s “ship.” Lyrical themes are met by and married with the crushing weight of dissonant riffs and frenetic drum patterns that further push the listener into this mental space of this record’s daunting thoughts and overall aggression. The hardcore inspired metal record consists of a frenzy of chaotically heavy riffs, abrupt tempo changes, and pure unbridled anger that all coalesce into one definitive statement. This record serves as the callout to any abusive person that has manipulatively used their power or title to take advantage of another. And to the people who we’ve lost because of these types of actions – this record is dedicated to them. When one’s voice is lost due to the distortions of life – our responsibility should be to amplify their voice and bring awareness to it.