Format: Blu-Ray
Rel. Date: 12/26/2023
UPC: 814456028316

Top Knot Detective / (Dts)
Artist: Top Knot Detective
Format: Blu-Ray

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This mockumentary unravels the tale of how Ronin Suiri Tantai made it to Australian screens back in the late 90's, retitled as Top Knot Detective, and what really happened behind the scenes of this outrageous show. The original Japanese series was legendary in it's home country as being a cultural train-wreck, led by it's insane writer/director/star, Takashi Takamoto. The rivalry between Takashi and co-star, Haruto Koike, is just the tip of this conspiratorial iceberg, leading back to Japanese conglomerate Sutaffu, and it's CEO, Moritaro (coincidentally, Haruto's father). On-screen, he battles robot ninjas & penis monsters, while off-screen jealousy threatens to demolish his legacy. Narrated by Des Mangan (Hercules Returns), he introduces us to the sensation of today's cult fan world at Oz Comicon, then takes us right back to the origins of Takashi Takamoto, his hunger for fame, desire to be admired, and the blurry lines between truth and fiction. Through interviews with cast and crew, the mystery of Takashi Takamoto unravels, and we get an insight into the eccentric shows that cult film fans hold so dear.