Age of Demons - Age Of Demons


Format: Blu-Ray
Rel. Date: 02/27/2024
UPC: 814456028699

Age Of Demons
Artist: Age of Demons
Format: Blu-Ray

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A trio of sorceresses are hellbent on offering 100 human sacrifices in order to access Hades and bring forth the age of demons. They kidnap Mitch Feinstein (Eric Matson), a satanic punk rocker with unique psychic powers, and force him to summon a demonic monster who is let loose into the world to wreak mayhem and destruction. Mitch quickly enlists his goofy brother Don (Damon Foster) and his karate club compadres to do battle with the coven's evil henchmen. In a final ditch effort to save humanity, the brothers combine their powers to resurrect Don's mammoth robotics class project Cybertron, who flies to the rescue and challenges the demon head-to-head in a blood soaked, laser beam battle to the death! A brain-scrambling amalgamation of high-risk amateur kung-fu stunts, raucous punk rock, bursts of extreme gore, crude visual effects, and scads of gratuitous nudity, notorious publisher, martial artist, filmmaker (Hot Dogs on the Run), and outspoken satanist Damon Foster turned heads in 1993 with AGE OF DEMONS; his homespun, madcap SOV homage to the Asian Tokusatsu and Kyodai Hero films. Like a primitive, analog episode of Ultraman captured through the subversive camcorder lens of Hugh Gallagher, AGE OF DEMONS simultaneously revolts and charms with it's blend of crude humor, hair brained homemade creature suits, and vibrant visual insanity.