Format: Blu-Ray
Label: SECTION 23
Rel. Date: 08/09/2022
UPC: 816726022352

Short Peace (2pc) / (Anam Sub)
Artist: Short Peace
Format: Blu-Ray

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Prepare your senses for animation on the cutting edge as Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of AKIRA, unleashes the combined creative forces of Japan's newest animation masters! A lone traveler is confronted by unusual spirits in Shuhei Morita's Academy Awardr nominee POSSESSIONS (TSUKUMO). A mysterious bear defends a royal family from a demon in GAMBO from director Hiroaki Ando featuring designs by NEON GENESIS EVANGELION's Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. Men battle robotic tanks in an apocalyptic Tokyo in A FAREWELL TO WEAPONS (BUKI YO SARABA), directed by MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM designer Hajime Katoki from Otomo's story, while Otomo himself takes the director's chair in the multi-award-winning saga of love, honor and firefighting in ancient Japan, COMBUSTIBLE (HI-NO-YOUJIN). See the films that are taking the critical world by storm as a new era in anime begins with Katsuhiro Otomo's SHORT PEACE!