Format: Vinyl
Label: Dine Alone Music
Rel. Date: 11/18/2022
UPC: 821826034273

Make Team Presents Maxim Mental In Maximalism [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Red & Black Marble LP]
Artist: Maxim Mental
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Maxim Mental is the sequel to Say Anything and Max Bemis doesn’t care who knows it. Men in popular rock bands adore the idea of “the solo project.” A project in which they call the shots, the contract is in their name, and they don’t have to fight with four slackers they’ve lived with since college to stand in the front at photo shoots. Say Anything was, despite its place in a genre known for sincerity, somewhat of a satire of the quintessential emo band. Bemis being the Andy Kaufman of it all was enough to delight and confuse an entire generation as to whether he was a “real boy” or Ziggy Stardust infused with Curb Your Enthusiasm and the Vagrant Records discography. The final Say Anything LP was written from the point of Oliver Appropriate, a personification of this intentionally confused public persona; his death during climactic “Sediment” echoed the end of an era for the band itself. When ready to recover from twenty years of trauma making music, Max’s answer was more natural than obvious. Bowie and other musicians invented “characters” to escape pigeon holes; with Maxim Mental for the first time, Max had to be solely himself. "Make Team Presents Maxim Mental In Maximalism" will be on vinyl on 11/18.


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