Schubert / Vasks / Bohren - In Evening Light


Format: CD
Label: AVIE
Rel. Date: 04/26/2024
UPC: 822252266221

In Evening Light
Artist: Schubert / Vasks / Bohren
Format: CD

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Sebastian Bohren's world-premiere recording of "In Evening Light", the second violin concerto by Peteris Vasks, comes 25 years after the celebrated Latvian composer's first, "Distant Light", one of the most successful, oft-performed and recorded concertos by a living composer. "In Evening Light" seems certain to follow in it's forebear's footsteps, destined to become another modern classic. "In Evening Light" - a three-movement, 38-minute work - is beautiful and contemplative, evoking a twilit world immersed in muted colours and permeated with deep shadows and dramatic contrasts. The album ends as it begins, with another atmospheric Vasks work. "Lonely Angel" is an homage to his late mother who lived through practically the whole of the 20th century. The composer explains, "This piece is the vision of an angel flying alone above humankind, filled with grief at how cruel and aggressive we are to each other. Like a guardian angel he touches the earth with his wings and in that way offers us comfort and healing." Sandwiched in between is the contrasting, classical-era Rondo in B minor by Franz Schubert, arranged for violin and strings. Preceding Vasks' works by nearly two centuries, Schubert similarly revels in exploring ambiance and spaciousness.