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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/02/2021
UPC: 822603549010

Idol (Cbgr) [Colored Vinyl] (Gate) [Limited Edition]
Artist: Horrendous
Format: Vinyl

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More Info:

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Horrendous exploded out of the underground with their incredible 2018 album Idol. Drawing inspiration from both personal and national crises, Idol's music is a methodical and unapologetic take on dynamic, progressive death metal. The album sees Horrendous at the highest echelon of their musical creativity to date. Thematically, the ambitious LP is an exploration of defeat, of the gods we build in our minds to escape the responsibility of action and change as we relinquish our agency. The music in Idol mimics this act of deity building, with sprawling compositions that are imposing in scope and mirror the great turmoil of our times. Tracks such as "Soothsayer," "Golgothan Tongues" and the monumental "Obolus" position the band in a league of their own, as one of the death metal's leading new entities.