Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 10/22/2021
UPC: 822603827910

Elements (Blk) [Limited Edition]
Artist: Atheist
Format: Vinyl

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Arguably one of the most groundbreaking and influential bands in the metal realm, Atheist combined a death metal attack with virtuosic level of playing. This union would create a style of forward thinking, progressive metal that would soon become the benchmark for many influential metal bands including Death, Cynic and Pestilence. From their groundbreaking debut Piece of Time (1989), to progressive milestone Unquestionable Presence (1991), to adventurous third effort Elements (1993), Atheist's first three albums remain crucial yardsticks by which daring, ambitious, and progressive metal records are measured. Elements was once the final chapter in the story of a band many years ahead of it's time. It's complex arrangements fused disparate sounds such as delicate jazz, deep funk grooves, Latin rhythms, flamenco guitar stylings, and samba interludes with blistering metal chops to create music that confused as many as it pleased. Once a fitting swansong for the unique entity that Atheist had become, Elements was almost equally regaled and reviled for the ambitious ideas it put into motion. Elements has been recognized as a crucial piece of Atheist history and a marker for the wider acceptance for heavy, dynamic, progressive metal.