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Format: CD
Label: ACBT
Rel. Date: 01/15/2021
UPC: 824046336721

Collection 1945-56
Artist: Fran Warren
Format: CD


1. Just a Little Fond Affection
2. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to
3. A Sunday Kind of Love
4. I Get the Blues When It Rains
5. Would You Believe Me ?
6. You're Not So Easy to Forget
7. Early Autumn
8. Love for Love
9. Don't Call It Love
10. Look for the Silver Lining
11. Just About This Time Last Night
12. For Heaven's Sake
13. Whip-Poor-Will
14. I Remember Mama
15. Tell Me Why
16. Why Is It
17. What's My Name
18. A Wonderful Guy
19. There's No Way Getting Away from You
20. Envy
21. Speak a Word of Love (I Wish, I Wish)
22. I Said My Pajamas (And Put on My Prayers)
23. I Almost Lost My Mind:
24. Dearie
25. Darn It Baby - That's Love
26. Ho Hum, It's Spring
27. I Love the Guy
28. My Silent Love
29. I'll Know
30. Teardrops from My Eyes
31. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
32. Let's Fall in Love
33. Here Comes the Springtime and There Goes My Heart! (Ho-Dalee, Hi-Dalee, Hay)
34. Trying Too Hard
35. Speak Low
36. I Hear a Rhapsody
37. What Is This Thing Called Love?
38. Former Members of the 106th Division (99th Regimental Band)
39. Settin' the Woods on Fire
40. Everyone Knew But Me
41. Love Is a See-Saw
42. Shake a Hand
43. It's Anybody's Heart
44. The Man That Got Away
45. If You Love Me (Why Don't You Tell Me So)
46. Kiss Me and Kill Me with Love
47. Would You Take Me Back
48. My Guy

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Who went on to enjoy solo careers as chart performers in the 1950s before turning to acting