Phish - The White Tape


Format: CD
Label: JEMP
Catalog: 49848
Rel. Date: 10/19/2010
UPC: 825084984820

The White Tape
Artist: Phish
Format: CD

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Soon after forming the band, "Phish" (aka The White Tape) was created from four-track recordings which the band mixed and circulated as a demo. In 1998, The White Tape was re-mastered from the 2-track cassette master and sold as the first CD from the band's extensive archives through Dry Goods In 1999. The original art for the cassette demo was created by Trey himself and was updated for the CD release by artist Jim Pollock. A snapshot in time, The White Tape is a must-have for any fan and a perfect introduction to the band's studio work.