Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 08/24/2021
UPC: 825284203561

Artist: Grounds
Format: DVD

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THE GROUNDS - The Heartwarming, Comedic Story Following the Paths of Two Very Different Men Dealing With the Pains of Their Past Arrives on August 24th from Indican Pictures.

lcoholic wastrel, Calvin (Trevor Morgan, Mean Creek), is forced to find a new job after he is fired from his grounds-keeping job at a golf course. After scaring away other potential applicants, he is hired to tend the grounds of a beautiful hillside mansion by Julie (Ashley Hinshaw, Chronicle), the personal assistant to the owner of the home, Jack (Michael Welch, "Boy Meets Girl"). Heartbroken and suicidal, Jack has refused to leave his property since his wife left him for someone else. On the night Jack decides to end it all, a drunken Calvin accidentally interrupts his attempt to take his own life and convinces him that it's not worth it when he has the means to continue living his reclusive lifestyle indefinitely. The two bond over their shared inclination to numb and preoccupy their minds rather than confront the pains of their past. When they can no longer outrun their problems, their wills and friendship are truly tested.

Directed and co-written by Peter O'Melia (Vino/Veritas), the film also stars Allison Paige ("The Flash"), Darin Heames ("Sons of Anarchy") and Chasty Ballesteros ("The Ranch"). Run Time: 88 minutes