Format: CD
Label: CDB
Catalog: 55756
Rel. Date: 09/16/2022
UPC: 825346197425

Sleep Suite
Artist: Terry Wollman
Format: CD

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'Sleep Suite', the first collaborative effort by Glenn D. Wollman, M.D., a Western-trained Emergency Medicine/Integrative Medicine specialist, and Terry Wollman, a classically -trained musician and award -winning composer.This CD is digitally recorded and mixed by Emmy and Grammy award winning engineer Peter R. Kelsey. In a unique blend of Western and Eastern science, music and philosophy, the Artists invite you to begin the process of balancing your life by honoring sleep. One third of our lives is spent sleeping. It was originally thought that the brain was inactive during sleep. In contrast, it is dynamic; the brain is actively working to repair and regenerate damaged cells and connections, incorporating memories of the day and learning new tasks. Blending the sounds of traditional and non-traditional instruments creates a highly textured musical suite. The listener will gradually descend from a state of aware consciousness through the deepening stages of sleep, with slowing of brain wave patterns eventually flowing into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This music can also be helpful for calming, relaxation and meditation. It is conducive to slow, mindful exercises like Qigong, Tai ji and Yoga. Children fall asleep easily with this music.