Matthew Shipp - New Concepts In Piano Trio Jazz


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/05/2024
UPC: 825481508520

New Concepts In Piano Trio Jazz
Artist: Matthew Shipp
Format: CD

More Info:

2024 release. This group evolves in leaps and bounds. You've never heard a jazz piano trio sound like this album - not even this band on it's previous album, the much-praised World Construct. That said, there is a through line from the first Matthew Shipp Trio album, 1990's Circular Temple (ESPDISK 4082CD, 2023 reissue) to New Concepts in Piano Trio Jazz. Says Shipp, "Yes, we went there with that type of title this time. To anyone who thought the trio had reached it's apotheosis on World Construct, you are in for a surprise - this is light years ahead of World Construct. Of course each CD is it's own world and valuable for that, but I am in complete and utter shock at what I am listening to. New Concepts in Piano Trio Jazz sounds completely thoroughly composed and yet completely spontaneously improvised at the same time. This is a major album in jazz history. Newman Taylor Baker is one of the most profound percussionists ever. Michael Bisio sounds like God's angel on this album. He has dedicated himself to working in my vision for years now and I think this might be the ultimate of how we can read each other and hook up. This is one of the greatest trio albums ever. While creating a whole new cosmos we manage to escape every cliché that exists in jazz and in avant jazz. This really might be the last trio CD because it really cannot get better than this."