Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 04/05/2022
UPC: 826663222111

Ice Demon / (Ecoa)
Artist: Ice Demon
Format: DVD

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Ksyusha barely remembers her father: he went missing when she was a child. Years later, with her mother remarried, Ksyusha experiences a sudden but bittersweet reunion - her father has returned home, but in a coma. The family is thrown into disarray by the return of the former master of the house, but his strange reappearance is only the beginning. Soon, terrifying things are happening in the house, and Ksyusha's mother exhibits bizarre new behaviors. Ksyusha begins to suspect that something supernatural, icy, and lifeless has come home with her father... and now she and her stepfather find themselves doing battle with evil incarnate.