Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/01/2022
UPC: 826853002561

Touch Of Rain
Artist: Yoshio Suzuki
Format: Vinyl


1. Our Sunday Morning
2. Touch of Rain
3. From Country to Town
4. Empty Blues
5. Shinjuku
6. A Letter from N.Y
7. What Do You Do When It's Spring?
8. Sailing in the Blue

More Info:

Two years after 'Morning Picture', 'Touch of Rain' was made in 1986 by skillfully incorporating the taste of fusion.This work, which was played colorfully with many top musicians such as Masashi Akiyama on guitar and Hideo Yamaki on drums, will be reproduced as much as possible to reproduce the specifications at that time.All the songs are composed by him, such as 'What Do You Do When It's Spring?', Where the reverberation quietly sways in a transparent sound space, and 'Empty Blues', which has a moody saxophone scent. Thing. While keeping the originality, it is a fresh and contemporary work.