Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/05/2023
UPC: 827590218215

Lustre Parfait
Artist: Gord Downie / Bob Rock
Format: CD


1. Greyboy Says
2. The Raven And The Red-Tailed Hawk
3. Lustre Parfait
4. The Moment Is A Wild Place
5. Something More
6. Camaro
7. The North Shore
8. Is There Nowhere
9. To Catch The Truth
10. Let Me How
11. HellBreaksLoose
12. The Safest Day Of The Year
13. In The Field
14. There Goes The Sun

More Info:

Beyond expectation, the 10-year and 14-song collaboration of Lustre Parfait is charged with the transportive force of rock n’ roll. With words by Gord Downie and music by Bob Rock, Lustre Parfait introduces a signature harmonious blend of poetry and power, fusing Rock’s mastery of epic ballads and brash post-punk to inspire some of Downie’s most memorable performances. The fireworks created are a divine entry in the Downie canon and an invitation to appreciate the eternal force of music.