Liz Lawrence - Peanuts


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/07/2024
UPC: 840401700549

Artist: Liz Lawrence
Format: CD


1. Big Machine
2. Names of Plants and Animals
3. No One
4. That's Life
5. Oars
6. No Worries If Not
7. Strut
8. Nitrogen
9. S.U.R.V.I.V.E
10. On Loss and Overcoming Despair
11. Top Level Joy

More Info:

Described as an "intensely British" record, Peanuts isa wry and observational album, with a newfoundsense of compassion and reflection on Liz's innerfeelings and their projection on the outside world.Peanuts is a playground game, also known as Mercy,where two kids twist each other's fingers until onecries out, 'Peanuts!', signaling that they have mettheir pain threshold.From 2013, Liz was performing as a backing singer forBombay Bicycle Club up to their hiatus in 2016, andagain when they reformed in 2019, touring the world.Liz has been a regular collaborator with the band eversince, "It was a life-raft for me. It was such a naturalfit, and they became my friends for life" says Liz.Peanuts is Liz Lawrence's first album release withChrysalis Records, spanning 11 tracks full of topicsspanning from plant names to the gender wealth gap."Peanuts is Cate Le Bon meets Primal Scream goingoff on one about landowners. It's learning the namesof different trees and sweating over being polite inemails. It's a petition to stop Elon Musk from spacejunking up the atmosphere so we can't see the starsanymore and it's a big deep breath after goingunder." -Liz Lawrence