Altered Perceptions - Altered Perceptions / (Mod)


Format: DVD
Rel. Date: 05/07/2024
UPC: 840418301029

Altered Perceptions / (Mod)
Artist: Altered Perceptions
Format: DVD

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This mind-bending psychological sci-fi thriller story parallels current events and the state of society around a post-pandemic world where vaccines are being used as political currency to target vulnerable minority groups in an attempt to further political agendas. Introducing Oran Stainbrook in his first starring role in a feature film as Alex Feretti who plays the son of scientist Dr. Joseph Feretti (Matt Fling). Alex faces the political fallout from his involvement with crooked politician, senator Ted Demarcos (Danny Fehsenfeld) who seeks to use vaccine controversies to further his election campaign. This dramatic shocker probes the neurology of identity and the age old problem of mind and brain. What happens when the human brain becomes toxic? When thinking becomes hallucinatory in intensity. When we appear to have lost the emotional, the concrete, the personal aspects of functioning. When our sense of reality is virtually destroyed. As the world grapples with mental health issues, an increase in violence and the dissemination of alternate information sold as reality amongst certain groups who choose to live by their beliefs other than reality, Alex must deal with the consequences of his political association as Senator Ted Demarcos is dead set on enacting euthanasia policies to attack vulnerable and marginalized minority groups in an attempt to secure his re-election campaign and start a new republic.