Between Waves - Between Waves


Format: Blu-Ray
Label: Rising Sun Media
Rel. Date: 04/23/2024
UPC: 840418303665

Between Waves
Artist: Between Waves
Format: Blu-Ray

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Between Waves follows Jamie's journey to join her missing lover, Isaac, in a parallel dimension. Despite Isaac's presumed death, he continues to visit Jamie, urging her to join him. Armed with a map and notebook, she heads to Sao Miguel in the Acores, untangling the truth behind Isaac's disappearance. Burdened by a police investigation and conflicted about her terminated pregnancy, Jamie grapples with Isaac's inter-dimensional calls. When Isaac's former research partner, Renata, arrives, the question lingers: does Renata believe Jamie or seek Isaac's notebook? Balancing on the edge of enlightenment and madness, Jamie explores how far she'll go before it's too much.